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Seamless system integration.

“Integrating your business… everywhere…everytime.”

Our team is made up of Industry veterans and Career Technology Professionals; the combination of which sets us apart from our competitors. Our EDI experience is across a multitude of industries: Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, Apparel, Healthcare, IT Shared Services, Consumer Goods, Electronics Manufacturing, Transportation, Machinery, Supply Chain and Construction Equipment. Our innovative services simplify operations, reducing time and cost so your business can focus on growth. By eliminating the complexities of EDI setup and costly operations, and shifting that service to a fully hosted and managed offering, Companies benefit from real-time information delivered in the most cost-effective way. With the EDI-as-a-Service foundation in place at Atadex EDI, the simplification of operations goal has driven the team to develop innovative and complimentary services to serve your business needs.

Our philosophy is simple. We deliver advanced solutions to streamline the operations of your business.

Achieve optimal efficiency through full service EDI integration.

Our innovative services simplify operations, reducing time and cost so your business can focus on growth. Atadex EDI gives your business a competitive edge with a robust, versatile and cost effective commerce network that harnesses the power of our trading partner community. We specialize in helping customers in retail, manufacturing, wholesale and many other industries.

Supplier management

Your electronic trading initiative will include all of your suppliers.

Integrated EDI/B2B systems

Compatible with almost all business systems.

Supply chain

Automated systems for the management of shipping and warehousing to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency of operations.

Financial services

We provide Financial Services to help simplify your business.


Inventory management

Send the right quantities of products and always stay in stock.

Integrated E-commerce

Capture and manage all your orders with just one system.

We are an EDI/B2B technology company providing fully managed, data integration solutions to help our customers expand their business.

Whether you’re just getting started and need basic EDI capabilities or looking to take your business to the next level, our experienced consultants will help grow your business.