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How EDI can help improve revenue and profit

In all aspects of the supply chain, there is an incredible amount of data and information that is shared across many different companies. This information needs to be shared correctly to get the shipment to move as designed. There are many moving parts in the order...

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What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standardizes the transmission of electronic data between business partners and is required by a growing number of companies. EDI automates and ensures accurate order entry and tracking when it comes to items like invoices and purchase...

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EDI from an Owner’s Point of View

By: Mitch Bernet, Partner/CEO, Atadex  Operating within the Supply Chain can be very challenging.  Historically, it has been a high volume, lower margin business that depended a lot on manual entry of information. Errors or abnormalities in the shipment process often...

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FedEx, UPS mobilize to deliver Moderna COVID vaccine

The shipment of Covid-19 vaccines is a massive logistical challenge. This is where EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology comes into play. Atadex is one of the most cost-efficient, effective EDI providers in the country. Call 470-297-5022 to learn how we can...

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