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Our founders and senior management team have led strategy and innovation through top level companies.

How it all started.

Mitch and Chuck come from a vast career in Logistics/Transportation industry. One of the areas that was always a challenge for them as a 3PL was managing EDI. They worked with different EDI 3rd party providers at the time and the costing was almost impossible to figure out. There was no way to ever know exactly what the costs were as the charges were calculated in kilo-characters and included tiered pricing. After selling their business to Warburg Pincus (Coyote Logistics), they started Atadex EDI in 2012 with a goal in mind to build an EDI platform that was business friendly.

While with Coyote Logistics, one of their key customer service metrics was number of loads per person per day. Because of all the manual processes, they had to add people when we added significant new business. By implementing EDI across a much wider range of our customers, they were able to automate many of these functions which allowed them to see a 20-25% increase in productivity. That translated immediately into higher profitability for his company while also delivering a much higher level of customer satisfaction.

Atadex is a full service, managed EDI provider. The benefits in using our solution vs. another provider are:

  • Lower cost
  • Faster implementation
  • Full service integration (mapping, testing, productivity monitoring, support)
  • Simplified pricing
  • Immediate issue resolution should a message be rejected by your trading partner.

Our leadership team.

Mitch Bernet




John McGibbon

General Manager



Chuck Herzog




What can Atadex do for your company?

Our professional group of EDI Specialists are here for you every step of the way.