Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standardizes the transmission of electronic data between business partners and is required by a growing number of companies. EDI automates and ensures accurate order entry and tracking when it comes to items like invoices and purchase orders.

When a company needs to accept and match another company’s EDI platform, they can find that doing so is very daunting, time consuming and costly. It requires:

● The purchase of the EDI software

● Maintenance of the software

● Hosting the software on company servers or in the cloud

● Staffing it with company employees

● Managing the day-to-day transactions

“Somebody not only has to develop those things, but they have to maintain them. They have to make sure that the infrastructure’s going and that becomes increasingly costly both for the talent that you have to have within your organization as well as the infrastructure that you have to have,” said JT McGibbon, Vice President and General Manager at Atadex. “If you cannot do EDI right away, you’re going to have a tremendous lost opportunity cost. It could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Atadex can quickly set up your company’s EDI needs for less money. Atadex provides access to a large infrastructure, talented and well-trained employees, robust reporting, dashboard capabilities, and simplified billing. Add to that, Atadex ensures accuracy when adding in new trading partners with little or no downtime while managing the communications between your company and your clients. This frees up your company’s frontline staff to focus on customers, new business and more revenue. It also allows for shipments for more businesses per day.

“What it’s really establishing is this partnership between you and your trading partners and that’s a very human business. We can handle that for you,” McGibbon added. “That’s what really excites me is the people and our ability to bring that human aspect into what seems to be sometimes this very dry and complex environment.”

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