In the world of logistics and supply chain management, speed and efficiency are paramount. Trailer Bridge, a trusted name in asset-based logistics services, ocean shipping, NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), and 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services, has been at the forefront of meeting these demands for over three decades. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on streamlining their operations, Trailer Bridge made a strategic decision to partner with Atadex as their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provider. This move has significantly improved their ability to work seamlessly with customers and suppliers while saving valuable time and money.

Prior to their partnership with Atadex, Trailer Bridge faced a common challenge in the logistics industry – managing EDI processes efficiently. Mitch Luciano, CEO of Trailer Bridge, recalls the difficulties they encountered, stating, “Prior to signing up with Atadex, we had a lot of in-house people handling EDI. It would take us three to six months to get set up with a customer. When you’re dealing with a customer, you send them your information, they send you their information. It took months, and the longer it takes to get integrated, the more money you’re losing.”

Trailer Bridge found its solution in Atadex, an EDI provider that specializes in simplifying and expediting the integration process. According to Luciano, “The great thing about Atadex is they’re already set up with a majority of our customers. Atadex takes care of everything; they know what our expectations are and what the customer expectations are, and it makes things much easier and faster, saving us a lot of time and money.”

Trailer Bridge’s decision to partner with Atadex was based on a deep sense of trust in the company’s founders and their commitment to excellence. Luciano states, “We were one of Atadex’s first customers. I knew about Mitch and Chuck and all they had previously accomplished in the trucking industry. When they told me they were starting an EDI company, I knew they would do it well; they’d provide the highest quality product and would only hire and work with the best talent.”

Atadex has lived up to its promise of excellence, assembling a team of top-tier professionals dedicated to delivering superior EDI services. Luciano acknowledges, “Their staff is the best of the best.”

Luciano doesn’t hesitate to recommend Atadex, emphasizing its impact on their operations. He shares, “I would and do recommend Atadex every day. In fact, I have a new TMS (Transportation Management System) partner, and I recommended Atadex to them and told them how great they are, and our TMS partner said they want to partner with Atadex.”

In the fast-paced world of logistics, companies like Trailer Bridge must continually seek ways to enhance efficiency and reduce operational bottlenecks. The decision to partner with Atadex as their EDI provider has proven to be a game-changer for Trailer Bridge, allowing them to work with customers and suppliers faster and more seamlessly while saving valuable time and resources. 

As Trailer Bridge continues to be the foundation for the nation’s most complex supply chains, their strategic partnership with Atadex ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled service and performance.