In the dynamic and complex world of logistics and supply chain management, effective communication between partners is paramount. This is where Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services play a crucial role, facilitating seamless and automated data exchange. First Logistics, a leading name in the logistics sector, has recently announced its partnership with Atadex for its EDI needs.

The decision to partner with Atadex was driven by several key factors that set Atadex apart from other EDI providers: transparent pricing, exceptional customer service, and an in-depth understanding of the logistics industry. 

Jose Garnica, Director of IT at First Logistics, highlighted the straightforward pricing model of Atadex as a game-changer, stating, “With Atadex, we know within cents or dollars how much it will cost us to get going with a customer. With Atadex, you pay flat fees; You understand what the price will be.” 

This level of predictability and transparency in pricing is a refreshing departure from the norm, where costs can often be opaque and unpredictable. Garnica added, “You don’t get that with other companies. There’s no way to tell what the price will be. With our previous EDI providers, the price is based on the hours they work. They always give you a time estimate and always go over.”

Things change quickly in transportation and to get ahead, you have to be able to quickly adapt. “Atadex’s response time is night and day compared to every other EDI provider we’ve used,” Garnica remarked, emphasizing the exceptional turnaround times and accuracy that Atadex brings to the table. “Atadex has the best turnaround time of any EDI provider we’ve ever used,” he continued, noting that the company is saving 20% over its previous EDI providers, further cementing Atadex’s value proposition.

Garnica’s endorsement of Atadex is echoed by Karen Galena, President of First Logistics, who praised the ease of partnership and the company’s profound understanding of the logistics sector. “You always understand what the charges will be. There are no surprises,” Galena said, highlighting the simplicity and predictability of Atadex’s pricing. “Everything is so easy with Atadex. I would absolutely recommend Atadex, because of their ease of partnership, understanding of the industry, simplified pricing, and customer support,” Galena said. 

Galena further appreciated Atadex’s grasp of industry challenges and their straightforward pricing model, adding, “They understand the issues and problems in the industry, and their pricing is simplistic.”

The collaboration between First Logistics and Atadex underscores the critical role of transparency, efficiency, and a focus on customer needs within the logistics and supply chain sector.