In the rapidly evolving landscape of the transportation and logistics industry, effective communication and data exchange are paramount.

Matthew Decker, President of USMMG, shared his insights on why Atadex stood out among competitors.  At the heart of this decision are Atadex’s founders, Chuck and Mitch, the co-founders of Coyote Logistics and the deep trust and relationships they’ve built within the industry.

“Just knowing Chuck and Mitch’s experience in the industry, knowing them personally, being able to trust them, that they’re going to take care of our needs. Being business owners in our space in the past, they knew the value of EDI and what we deal with on a day-to-day basis. So I think it’s a good fit. They know our challenges and our struggles, and as far as building a solution that supports our business, it’s the right choice,” Decker explained.

The transportation industry is full of complexities, requiring solutions that are not only efficient but also responsive to the ever-changing needs of businesses. Decker praised Atadex for their responsiveness and communication, qualities that have made the partnership a “great experience” thus far. “They’re very responsive…When we work with them on something, they’re quick to respond. Really good communication,” he said.

Highlighting the contrast with typical experiences in the industry, Decker noted, “I think I’d just say one of the biggest challenges with an EDI provider is typically just unresponsiveness, slow to get to anything. And they’re just the opposite.” This responsiveness is not just about addressing issues as they arise but also about proactively understanding and mitigating potential challenges before they impact the business.

At the core of Atadex’s appeal is the team’s firsthand experience in the logistics sector. “As I previously mentioned, Chuck and the team he assembled truly stand out because of their firsthand experience. They’ve lived through the daily challenges, giving them a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in onboarding customers. They grasp the hurdles we face, both from the customer’s perspective and the supplier’s,” Decker added.

The decision to partner with Atadex was also influenced by the personal connections and trust built with Chuck and Mitch over the years. “Knowing Chuck and Mitch, knowing their background, their experience, they’ve been in the same roles that I’m in, and they know what our needs are. So went straight to them,” Decker concluded.

USMMG’s partnership with Atadex is a testament to the importance of industry knowledge, personal trust, and the ability to deliver responsive, effective solutions in the logistics and transportation sector.